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Why Home Cooked Food Is Preferred More Than Restaurant Food

According to an American research organization, a study proved that those who frequently eat homemade food consume lesser calories and eat healthier when compared to those who don’t. On average homemade food contains less carbohydrates, less fats, and more vegetables and other healthy food products. Similarly, the research also portrayed that people who consume home-cooked foods on daily basis has almost thirteen percent lower risk of developing type 2 of diabetes.

So, with all these facts and figures in hand, we now know that cutting back restaurant foods or cooking our own food is a very healthy habit that we all must build from the first place. Well, there are several factors that come into play when it comes to homemade foods. Here in this blog, we would be broadly discussing why home-cooked food is preferred more than restaurant foods.

Hidden Fat, Sodium, And Calories: Most of the restaurants utilizes several techniques in order to add taste to their food, such as incorporating excess amount of butter, sodium, sugar, or cream in their dishes. As a result of which it adds unnecessary saturated fats, calories, and cholesterol to all their food items. Adding to all these there are several restaurants, which utilize several highly processed ingredients in their recipes mainly high fructose corn syrup or low-quality oils. Several researches made on outdoor foods showed that adults who eat at a restaurant consume an additional 200 calories every day.

Homemade Food Makes Use Of Several Natural and Simple Ingredient: Homemade recipes makes uses of a simple array of food products that are completely natural, fresh and minimally processed. Adding to that, remember processed foods mostly consists of artificial preservatives in order to keep the taste intact for a long period of time. Furthermore, you can never ignore the nostalgia associated with home-cooked foods.

Home Cooked Foods Can Keep You Safe: As we have already entered the new normal, our overall food habit has been changed drastically. Gone are those days when people didn’t care much about what they are actually eating in order to fill their stomachs. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has now paved the way for home-cooked healthy eating. People have now become more conscious not only about themselves but also about several surrounding issues such as food quality, food security and food waste. Confinement and working remotely have caused a resurgence of homemade foods. Nowadays, people are a lot more skeptical while ordering food from online restaurants, thereby making home cooking a day to day activity. Remember home-cooked foods will always be a healthy option and now it's even more critical due to COVID-19.

In case you are still confused about choosing homemade foods over typical restaurant food, we have a solution for you. At Lokal Kitchen, we work as an aggregator and a food delivery system between home-cooked meals and you. Furthermore, you can even join us as we can help in bringing business to all home chefs and mothers who want to support their family with an extra income, especially during this coronavirus pandemic situation. Don’t forget to have a glance at our website to know more or download our apps.

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