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How To Start Your Own Food Delivery Business From Home? And Why?

India is a big country and is known for its distinct cuisines. Every nook and corner of this country has a taste that is very much different from one part to another. Over the past few years, we have seen a steep rise in the overall demand for global foods along with several Indian cuisines and for most of all for home delivery. The culture of food home delivery was first picked up by telephone delivery system where a person placed an order with their nearby restaurants. Since providing instant type of food delivery was expensive and difficult, few restaurants opted to offer this sort of service. Over a period of time, several food-tech start-ups which are now big companies came into play and revolutionized the food delivery game. Their overall business model wasn’t only sustainable for the sellers but it also generated great cash flow.

Why Should You Step In The Food Delivery Business?

Over the period of time, the demand for food delivery has grown by a big margin. With more day to day innovations and especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started shifting their overall preferences more towards online shopping and even food ordering. Furthermore, according to some figures from Google, India’s online food market has an expected growth rate of approximately twenty-five to thirty percent and it is expected to touch 7.5 Billion USD to 8 Billion USD by 2021. With homemade food or restaurant food becoming the new norm, this sort of food trend is surely expected to see an upper growth.

In case you are a seller and want to tie up with food start-ups here are a few things that you must keep in mind.

- Find Your Niche: Before you start off with your food delivery business it is very much important to find a particular niche for your online food business. Remember online food business is a very competitive market and you really need to stand out from the rest.

- Get Your Licenses: Another very important step is to get hold of all the necessary documents in order to start a food delivery business around your area. Some of these documents include FSSAI licenses that ensure the quality and safety of Indian food products. Apart from that you might need to get hold of a GST registration, health trade license, trademark registration, and a shop act license. You can get hold of all these by applying online or by getting in contact with your municipal corporation.

- Final Thoughts: Opting for an online homemade food delivery system is a great way to start your business. With the current COVID-19 situation, and people preferring healthy foods and homebound life, the online food delivery system is going to see a major boom in the upcoming years. Remember these few steps to get you started and several other improvisations on the way can surely help you reach great success especially in this sort of food tech start-up business.

If you are planning to start off with your new food business, we have a perfect set of solution for you. We at LokalKitchen, work as a food delivery system and as an online aggregator between customers and home chefs like you. Furthermore, you can even join us as we intend to create one of the largest community of home chefs that can support one another. Remember home-cooked foods will always be a healthy option and now it's even more critical due to COVID-19. Don’t forget to have a glance at our website to know more.

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